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Kristel is a world-class supplier of customized display solutions for multiple OEM markets including Kiosk, Medical, Industrial Control, Agricultural, Aviation, Gaming, Transportation, Military, and Food & Beverage industries.  All display assemblies can be custom designed for the specific environmental, mechanical, and electrical criteria needed to make the product a success in the end application.

Kristel specializes in designing and manufacturing 2” to 65”+ integrated display solutions.  Kristel has extensive experience in optical bonding, touchscreen integration, and full system design including custom video interfaces and specialized software/firmware development.  Kristel has a strong background in Single Board Computer (SBC) incorporation, power supply design and implementation along with complete mechanical and chassis/frame design experience.  These capabilities allow you to design a customized open-frame display or a complex All-In-One (AIO) display system.

Kristel is very interested in learning about your display requirements in an existing or new market segment.  Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us today!