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Custom displays made easy.
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35+ years of experience. Cost-effective displays for industries. Pioneers in optical bonding, providing clarity and reliability. Global engineering and mirror facilities for flexible solutions. Partner with us for custom displays made easy.

Kristel’s engineering staff will completely design your product to your exact requirements. Quick-turn prototyping and sustained low-cost production.

  •       Quality display solutions.
  • Custom manufacturing.
  • Wide range of markets served.
  • Extensive engineering capabilities
  • Mirror production facilities.
  • Pioneer in optical bonding.
  • Quick-dry bonding process.
  • Strong supplier relationships.

Our Markets Served

High-Quality Customized Display Solutions for Many Markets

Kristel Displays is a leading provider of high-quality customized display solutions for various markets. Their displays are designed to meet customers’ specific needs and requirements in industries such as medical, military, transportation, and gaming. With a focus on innovation, quality, and reliability, Kristel Displays offers a range of customized solutions including touchscreen displays, industrial monitors, and digital signage displays.

Kristel Displays

Provide A Custom Display Solution

Kristel specializes in designing and manufacturing 2” to 65”+ integrated display solutions. Kristel has extensive experience in optical bonding, touchscreen integration, and full system design including custom video interfaces and specialized software/firmware development.

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Touchscreen Technology

Supply Chain Management

Kristel can help with managing the supply chain for your displays and electronic components. We have many years of sourcing and facilitating raw materials into finish goods. This allows our customers to focus their time and resources on other parts of their business while Kristel can oversee this side of the product manufacturing process. Kristel can lean on our expertise in inventory management, managing low costs, delivering products on time, and providing a quality product.