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Kristel’s Capabilities

Kristel specializes in designing and manufacturing 2” to 65”+ integrated display solutions.  Kristel has extensive experience in optical bonding, touchscreen integration, and full system design including custom video interfaces and specialized software/firmware development. 

​Kristel has a strong background in Single Board Computer (SBC) incorporation, power supply design and implementation along with complete mechanical and chassis/frame design experience.  These capabilities allow you to design a customized open-frame display or a complex All-In-One (AIO) display system.

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Manufacturing Operations

​Kristel has mirror production facilities in the USA and Taiwan to accommodate quick-turn prototyping and sustained low-cost production.  Class 1,000 clean rooms are utilized for all critical assembly steps.  All production facilities are ISO9001 certified and have extreme flexibility to manufacture high-volume display systems ranging from simple to complex.

Global Engineering

Our global engineering staff specializes in customized product design and manufacturing including end product validations.  Kristel’s engineering staff will completely design your product to your exact requirements, or cooperatively design the product alongside your staff to achieve the custom-designed display system you require.  Our global engineering teams verify that all phases of product realization are completed on time with effective communication with you at each design step.

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Expertise in Optical Bonding

Kristel is a pioneer in optical bonding with over 28 years of bonding experience including bonding to touch screens and vandal glass.  Optical bonding benefits include increased contrast ratio, ruggedness, durability, and sunlight readability via reduced screen glare.

Kristel uses a semi-automated and re-workable liquid optical bonding process which reduces work time and product change-over time in each station, allowing for maximized production output.  Advanced optical gel technology provides superb optical clarity and increased color saturation.  Our specialized quick-dry process is incorporated for increased throughput. 

This proprietary process has produced hundreds of thousands of Kristel bonded displays, already in the field, with excellent proven reliability!