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Electrical Engineering


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Our Electrical Engineering Capabilities

Electrical engineering is an important discipline in the electronics manufacturing industry. Electrical engineers are responsible for designing and manufacturing electrical components and systems, such as power supplies, amplifiers, and microcontrollers. They also work on developing new electrical technologies and applications.
Here at Kristel Displays electrical engineers play a vital role in the development of a wide range of electronic products, including:

  • Computers
  • PCB Layout
  • Custom A/D Boards
  • Firmware
  • Customized Peripherals

Our electrical engineers have a strong understanding of the principles of electricity and electronics, as well as the ability to apply these principles to the design and manufacture of electrical components and systems. They work with other engineers, such as mechanical engineers, software engineers, and test engineers, to develop and manufacture complex electrical systems.
The Benefits of Having Strong Electrical Engineering Capabilities
There are many benefits to having strong electrical engineering capabilities at an electronics manufacturer. These benefits include:

  • The ability to develop innovative electrical products and systems
  • The ability to improve the performance of electrical products and systems
  • The ability to reduce the cost of electrical products and systems
  • The ability to meet the needs of demanding customers
  • The ability to comply with regulatory requirements

By working with Kristel Displays, which has strong optical engineering capabilities, you can improve the performance, cost, and quality of your optical products and systems. You can also meet the needs of customers and comply with regulatory requirements.