Kristel Displays designs and manufactures cost effective, high resolution, custom display solutions

Engineering Capabilities

Kristel Displays Engineering

Kristel's staff of engineers can completely design a product to your requirements, or cooperatively design the product with your staff to achieve the custom designed monitor that you require. We specialize in displays and know what needs to be achieved to make our display assembly work flawlessly in your product. We will work to use standard off the shelf components when designing your product. However we can design and customize display packages, drive electronics and backlights when necessary.

Kristel Displays Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Kristel has full PCB board layout capabilities in house. We design and manufacture our own A/D cards and drive electronics in house. Firmware is customized in house with custom application and OSD screens available. SBC integration is a relatively new and increasing requirement within the display industry. Kristel has many years of experience in SBC integration.

Kristel Displays Optical Engineering

Optical Engineering

LCD enhancements are done in one of our 4 clean rooms to achieve high contrast ratio visibility in outdoor and other environments. We specialize in optical bonding and have both wet and dry bonding processes available depending on the LCD specifics.

Kristel Displays Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

CAD design seats in the US and Taiwan for quick turnaround and reduced lead-time. We strive to design for low cost and high durability, understanding the needs of our customer base.

Kristel Displays Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Kristel uses the latest manufacturing technology in producing our products. Automated dispensing equipment and Fisnar robots to reduce variations. In-house 3D printers for fast prototyping and long term fixtures. Four clean rooms to support all of your bonding and lamination needs.