Kristel Displays designs and manufactures cost effective, high resolution, custom display solutions

We specialize in the field of
Custom Proprietary Subassemblies

We design and manufacture
LCD/Touch Systems

Quality is our primary concern for
Display Monitor Solutions

Custom Designed Display Solutions

Kristel Red Box

Kristel designs and manufactures cost effective, high resolution, custom display solutions. Manufacturing capabilities include: Open Frame LCD/OLED Displays, LCD/OLED subassemblies, LCD Enhancements, High Bright and Sunlight Viewable Displays in metal or plastic enclosures.

Our company specializes in designing custom displays that can function in difficult environments. Full design engineering specializing in thermal management and optical properties needed for the display industry.

Kristel's monitors are currently being used in ATM, Gaming, Military, Point of Sale, Medical and many other specialized OEM applications.

Kristel is an ISO9001:2008 registered company.

Kristel Displays Optical Bonding


Kristel has over 24 years of optical bonding experience in the display field. Bonding to vandal glass or touch screen to reduce glare, increase contrast ratio and eliminate debris or humidity build-up.

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Kristel Displays Outdoor Displays


Outdoor displays engineered to perform in difficult environments! Enhanced LCD's with increased contrast ratio for outdoor viewing.

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